uReview: A simple app to keep you on track! 

uReview gives employers an online and application based capability to create and distribute employee appraisals, employee engagement surveys, and client surveys to a wide and varied audience. There is benefit for employees and employers as they are more in touch with their performance, and better able to express or understand their enjoyment or concerns of the business.


How does uReview simplify your HR data and add value to your business? 

  • uReview Appraisal

This interactive HR tool allows the organisation to set the bar for performance and monitor KPIs on a company, department and individual level. Consequently resulting in a thorough review of companywide performance, and in turn, providing information for better ways of managing business and employee development, and success. It also allows the employee to see how their role fits into the bigger picture of the company and how they are contributing to the overall success.

With uReview’s two-way communication your management team will see at a glance what is working well and where things can improve. uReview appraisals ensure a complete review, inviting employees to first assess themselves, and then managers to assess employee performance too.

Multi-functional yet simple to use, uReview organises and displays HR information in a variety of ways – so you can base your conclusions and decisions on real data, not just guesswork.

The easy-to-interpret results will let you identify your hidden strengths, nip potential problems in the bud and establish a positive culture in your workplace. The important thing is that this online Appraisal will not take away from the one on one catch up. It will merely provide a tool for discussion and an opportunity to set KPIs together going forward.

  • Employee Surveys

The uReview employee surveys give you consistent communication with your staff that can be measured over time, and across teams. uReview staff surveys are anonymous, giving employees peace of mind with confidentiality, and encouraging them to share feedback they might not otherwise disclose.

The information received helps to grow a positive culture, where it encourages constructive feedback and may identify issues early so that they can be rectified in a timely manner. This type of Employee survey can also identify areas for improvement in your structure and highlight company strengths and the positive aspects of working for the organisation.

You’ll have better relationships with your workers, improved staff retention, better communication and increased efficiency. That’s got to be good for business

  • The Client Survey Add-on

The uReview client survey is an add-on feature that ensures improved communication with an organisation’s clients. It offers an avenue for companywide improvements as their clients provide feedback on their experiences. Organisations can better understand what their clients are happy with, and where their service could be improved. After all, impeccable communication is a vital component for ensuring repeat business.


Where you need it, when you want it!

Because it’s cloud-based, you can access uReview on any device at any time, from your desktop, your tablet or smart phone; making uReview transferrable across many industry sectors. You’ll have an easy roll out of this software, with ongoing support and troubleshooting.

  • The App!

uReview is supported and accessible on the App Store and can be downloaded now onto your iPhone or iPad. You must be set up as a company within the online system to be able to access the benefits of the application. Essentially, the app allows your management team, and your staff members to complete the appraisal process from wherever they like – whether it be their couch in their lounge, or from the lunchroom at work!

  • A free demonstration and constant support!

We believe in try before you buy! We offer a free demonstration to both local and remote clients. The uReview team also offer support throughout your entire experience. We are there to support you with the initial set up, and are more than happy to assist with creating appraisal and survey questions, and provide advice on setting appropriate goals and KPIs for your company, teams and individuals.


*For more information or any queries, visit the Contact Us page and leave us a message.


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