uReview is an easy to use online staff performance planning and management tool that aims to help your staff achieve high performance and increase engagement within your organisation.

Imagine the revenue increase your organisation could gain from having high performing and highly engaged staff and the cost saving of not having to deal with any personal grievances! uReview makes it easy to set and monitor your staff’s KPI and enables you to detect and resolve performance issues before they become a problem.

Watch this short video below to see how uReview works.

Set meaningful performance objectives

Time is the primary concern for managers and employees when it comes to performance appraisals. We recognise this and have developed a solution that is quick and easy to update.

Key features:

  • Accessible from anywhere with WiFi. How about scheduling the next performance review at the nearest local coffee house?
  • Available across different devices (PC, iPad and Android tablets)
  • Available on the cloud. Minimal setup time, plus your data is secure and safe
  • Easily track KPI’s

    By making it possible for your staff to be able to track their own KPI’s, it will help encourage them to take ownership of their professional development, help them achieve high performance and increase engagement.

    The data we provide will enable you and your employees to measure their performance on a regular basis and in a meaningful way, allowing you to quickly identify and address performance related issues sooner.

    Gather client feedback with ease

    uReview allows you to test how your company is meeting your client’s expectations in the market, where it’s excelling and where can it be improved.

    Know your organisation’s happiness

    uReview will take your organisation to the next level providing you with the information you need to assess employee satisfaction, how positive your culture is and whether your clients are receiving the right level of service.


    “uReview is an easy and transparent system to use and it has brought a high level of consistency into our review process.  We love it!”

    – Yan Chan, Director of KGA Geotechnical Limited    KGA logo

    “My business needs to be highly responsive and I need people to focus on their responsibilities. I am always busy, so uReview will help me to have regular, structured conversations with my staff. Overall It’s going to really improve the communication in the business.”

    – Barry Adkins, Principal of Quinovic    Quinovic

    Finalist in the IBM Smart Camp 2015

    uReview was selected as one of the top 5 Finalists for their SaaS product in 2015.

    High performance takes time, get started now with uReview!

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